Working out the world of the internet

Hello local bookshop followers!

It's taking us a minute to get our online presence up an running - mostly because we are all a bit inept!

But we are learning and have big plans.

It's been another quiet week in the shop. Some customer highlights include:

"Customer asking if we knew of a "group meeting for helping refugees" was told by an elderly lady on the bus that 'John or Flo' would know in Bookshop! Went off the Bethel Church for advice",

excitements such as "Hardback fiction sale! - £15.99",

and also this busy interlude on Tuesday afternoon

"14.20 Customer asking after Keto Diet book - no purchase

14.30 Customer after a Wine luck

14.35 Let two people come in and use the toilet - they left saying 'Thank you!

We love the Welsh!' ...but no sale"

for which I got told off via note the next day...




My defence is that I thought a child weeing in our toilet was better than one weeing on our floor...

In other news, an instagram account has been set up for the shop - so go follow @nicklebysbookstore. The plan is to post recommendations on there (though I should warn in advance that John, as far as I am aware, will not be jumping on instagram any time soon, and so the recommendations will come mostly from his granddaughter [that's me]).

Think that's all for now. Happy reading - til next time!

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